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Hatcreek Observatory operated by the SETI Institute
Hatcreek Observatory - 
Seth Shostak / SETI Institute

Hatcreek California is the future exness south africa location of the One Hectare Telescope

Rapid Prototype Array to be expanded into the Allen Telescope Array
Rapid Prototype Array
Seth Shostak / SETI Institute

The seven-dish prototype unveiled on April 19 is a precursor to what will eventually be an array of hundreds, perhaps thousands of small backyard-type satellite dishes linked by sophisticated electronics. This unique and highly flexible telescope will be the world's largest instrument primarily dedicated to SETI observing. It will be simultaneously used for traditional radio astronomy research, such as studies of the Milky Way and other galaxies exness minimum deposit.

Solar X-rays:  
Geomagnetic Field:  

Current Solar X-ray flux detected in Earth orbit. Click for greater detail.

Current Geomagnetic Field conditions detected in Earth orbit. Click for greater detail.

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