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The coordinates [X1, Y1, X2, Y2] define the lower left and upper right corners of the graphic. The default value is [128,128,128] (gray). If you do not specify a value for DIMENSIONS, IDLby default uses the values of the IDL_GR_WIN_HEIGHT and IDL_GR_WIN_WIDTH preferences for Windows platforms or the IDL_GR_X_HEIGHT and IDL_GR_X_WIDTH preferences for X Note: If the BACKGROUND_COLOR property is changed, and the current background transparency is 100, then the BACKGROUND_TRANSPARENCY will be automatically set to 0 (opaque) so that you can see the new http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-error-bars-in-r.php

Plots created with PLOT are limited to the range and precision of double-precision floating-point values. XRANGE A two-element vector giving the X data range to plot. Possible values are: 0 - "None" - never draw the crosshair. If the values supplied are not of type byte, they are scaled to the byte range using BYTSCL. http://www.harrisgeospatial.com/docs/ERRPLOT_Procedure.html

Idl Oploterr

Error bars can also be created on plots using the ERR_* keywords available on the cgPlot command. Alternately, a 3 x N byte array containing vertex color values. X with both X and Y errors and no lines connecting the points IDL> oploterror, x, y, xerr, yerr, psym=3 (2) Like (1) but overplot only the Y errors bars and

The axes and title (if present) are also created and displayed. Use the VERT_COLORS property to specify indices that select colors from the values specified with RGB_TABLE. PSYM, YRANGE) are also accepted by OPLOTERROR via the _EXTRA facility. Idl Horizontal Error Bars Set this keyword to instead use IDL widgets for the graphics window.

SYM_COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector that specifies the color of the plot symbol. Idl Ploterr This is the default for images. 1 - Single X, Y (and Z if 3D) axes located at the minimum data value. On creation, if the DEVICE keyword is set, the units are given in device units (pixels). The two graphics items will then share the same set of axes.

Arguments X A vector representing the abscissa values to be plotted. Psym Idl Training Want to learn from the experts? SYMBOL A string giving the symbol name. Find a class in your area.

Idl Ploterr

For example, for a plot visualization: p = PLOT(/TEST) ax = p.AXES ax[0].TITLE = 'X axis' ax[1].TITLE = 'Y axis' ax[2].HIDE = 1 ; hide top X axis ax[3].HIDE = 1 This argument is converted to double-precision floating-point before plotting. Idl Oploterr HIDE Set to 1 to hide the crosshair, 0 to show. Oploterror Idl ERRCOLOR = scalar integer (0 - !D.N_TABLE) specifying the color to use for the error bars NSKIP = Positive Integer specifying the error bars to be plotted.

OVERPLOT Set this keyword to 1 (one) to place the graphic on top of the currently-selected graphic within the current window. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-with-error-bars-r.php This property is ignored if FILL_BACKGROUND is not set. For example, use the CROSSHAIR property to draw a crosshair on an image: im = IMAGE(/TEST, TRANSPARENCY=50, AXIS_STYLE=2) c = im.CROSSHAIR c.COLOR = 'red' c.THICK = 2 c.LOCATION = [300, 200] Buie, Lowell Obs., Feb 1998 Rename to OPLOTERROR W. Idl Errplot

See Also !COLOR, Formatting IDLGraphics Symbols and Lines, PLOT, BARPLOT, POLARPLOT, Using IDL graphics Product IDL Version 8.5.1 More New Graphics: ARROWAXISBARPLOTCOLORBARCONTOURELLIPSEERRORPLOTGETWINDOWSIMAGELEGENDMAPMAPCONTINENTSMAPGRIDPLOTPLOT3DPOLARPLOTPOLYGONPOLYLINESURFACESYMBOLTEXTMore... UVALUE An IDL variable of any data type. X only needs to be provided if the abscissa values are not the same as the index numbers of the plotted points. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-r-error-bars.php Landsman Aug 1999 Check limits for logarithmic axes W.

SYM_FILLED Set this property to 1 to fill the symbols. Idl Cgplot These routines have modified the standard IDL routines to allow error bars in either direction. The default value is 1.

LINESTYLE Set this property to an integer or string specifying the line style.

Allowed values are: "None" (the default) "Plus" or "+" "Asterisk" or "*" "Period" or "dot" "Diamond" or "D" "Triangle" or "tu" "Square" or "s" "X" "Greater_than" or ">" "Less_than" or "<" SYM_TRANSPARENCY An integer between 0 and 100 that specifies the percent transparency of the symbols. Landsman November 1993 Add ERRCOLOR, use _EXTRA keyword, W. Idl Plot Linestyle But others have run up against this problem, too.

Set to -1 to auto-compute, set to 0 to suppress. [XYZ]MINOR The number of minor tick marks. Set to -1 to auto-compute, set to 0 to suppress. [XYZ]SUBGRIDSTYLE A string, integer, or 2-element vector giving the linestyle for the minor tickmarks. Note: After creation, you can set the POSITION to either a two or four-element vector. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-with-error-bars-idl.php Decrease the margins so the graphic almost fills the window.

The STYLE property may be used to automatically draw the crosshair, while the LOCATION property may be used to manually draw the crosshair. This is the default for polar plots. 4 - No axes, but use the same margins as if axes were there. AXIS_STYLE=value /BUFFER, /CURRENT, /DEVICE, DIMENSIONS=[width, height], LAYOUT=array, LOCATION=[x, y], MARGIN=scalar or [left, bottom, right, top], /NO_TOOLBAR, /NODATA, /OVERPLOT, /WIDGETS Properties Properties can be set as keywords to the function during creation, From one to four tokens can be present, and the tokens may be in any order.

Tokens are case sensitive. If only three parameters are input, they will be taken as X, Y and YERR, respectively. It was renamed to OPLOTERROR in June 1998 in the IDL Astronomy library. Set this property to 0 to disable anti-aliasing.

If X is not specified, Y is plotted as a function of point number (starting at zero). YRANGE A two-element vector giving the Y data range to plot. The default value is "black". FONT_COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector that specifies the color of the title and axes (if present).

VERT_COLORS A vector of indices into the color table for the color of each vertex (plot data point). RGB_TABLE The number of the predefined IDL color table, or a 3 x 256 or 256 x 3 byte array containing color values to use for vertex colors. For other graphics the crosshair is disabled. Tip: The CURRENTkeyword is usually used with the LAYOUT keyword or POSITION property to produce a window which has multiple graphics in different locations.

These symbols need to be enclosed within a pair of "$" characters. If NAME is not set then a default name is chosen based on the graphic type.