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Coordinates are expressed in normalized units ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. This information is not subject to the controls of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). A thickness of 0 displays a thin hairline. SYM_THICK A floating point value from 1.0 to 10.0 that specifies the thickness (in points) of the plot symbol. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-error-bars-in-r.php

If you want to create a smaller graphics window, you can use the NO_TOOLBAR keyword. Set this keyword to instead use IDL widgets for the graphics window. Landsman June 1998 Ignore !P.PSYM when drawing error bars W. SYM_TRANSPARENCY An integer between 0 and 100 that specifies the percent transparency of the symbols.

Idl Oploterr

The default is 0, for solid lines. Landsman Dec 2000 Improve logic when NSUM or !P.NSUM is set W. BUFFER Set this keyword to 1 to direct the graphics to an off-screen buffer instead of creating a window. Landsman March 2001 Only draw error bars with in XRANGE (for speed) W.

This is the default for 2D graphics. 3 - Crosshair-style axes - located at the midpoint of each data dimension. The WINDOW's SetCurrent method may be used to set the current window. This keyword is ignored if either OVERPLOT or POSITION is specified. Oploterror Idl This information is not subject to the controls of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

FILL_TRANSPARENCY An integer between 0 and 100 that specifies the percent transparency of the background fill. SNAP Set to 1 to snap the crosshair to the nearest Plot data point. Set to -1 to force minor ticks to have the same linestyle as major ticks. [XYZ]SHOWTEXT Set to 1 to show text labels or 0 to hide the text labels. [XYZ]STYLE Get More Information This is the default for polar plots. 4 - No axes, but use the same margins as if axes were there.

Landsman November 1993 Add ERRCOLOR, use _EXTRA keyword, W. Idl Horizontal Error Bars All graphics objects within the same set of axes share a single Crosshair graphic. If the argument is a 2 by N array, the [0, *] values define the negative error and the [1, *] values define the positive error, resulting in asymmetric error bars. The default is 'dot'.

Idl Ploterr

Fanning Last Updated 10 December 2013 IDL Reference Guide: Procedures and Functions ERRPLOT Syntax | Arguments | Keywords | Examples | Version History | See Also The ERRPLOT procedure plots error This is the default for 2D plots. Idl Oploterr Landsman Nov. 1999 Work in the presence of NAN values W. Ploterror Idl STYLE An integer or string giving the crosshair style.

This property is ignored if FILL_BACKGROUND is not set. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-with-error-bars-r.php The length of this array must be equal in length to the number of vertices of the plot. If you do not specify a value for DIMENSIONS, IDLby default uses the values of the IDL_GR_WIN_HEIGHT and IDL_GR_WIN_WIDTH preferences for Windows platforms or the IDL_GR_X_HEIGHT and IDL_GR_X_WIDTH preferences for X However, it may be restricted from transfer to various embargoed countries under U.S. Errplot Idl

Added the following methods: Delete, GetData, GetValueAtLocation, MapForward, MapInverse, SetData. 8.2 Added AXES, BACKGROUND_COLOR, BACKGROUND_TRANSPARENCY, CLIP properties. 8.2.1 Added ANTIALIAS property. 8.2.2 Change POSITION from a keyword to a property. 8.2.3 The default value is [0, 0, 0] (black). Note: You can also set LINESTYLE to a two-element vector, [repeat, bitmask], specifying a stippling pattern. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-r-error-bars.php The minimum value of the axis range must be greater than zero. [XYZ]MAJOR The number of major tick marks.

Here you will find reference guides, help documents, and product libraries.  Docs Center IDL Programming IDL Reference Using IDL Modules Advanced Math and Stats Dataminer DICOM Toolkit APIs ENVI API Psym Idl Properties ANTIALIAS By default anti-aliasing is used when drawing lines. Set to -1 to auto-compute, set to 0 to suppress. [XYZ]SUBGRIDSTYLE A string, integer, or 2-element vector giving the linestyle for the minor tickmarks.

This argument is converted to double precision floating-point before plotting.

Default for all graphics except Image, Barplot, and Map. (1) Force the exact data range. Examples To plot symmetrical error bars where Y is a vector of data values and ERR is a symmetrical error estimate, enter: ; Plot data: PLOT, Y ; Overplot error bars: The title is displayed in the window's title bar. Idl Cgplot The default value is 16 points.

For example, if NSKIP = 2 then every other error bar is plotted; if NSKIP=3 then every third error bar is plotted. SYM_OBJECT Set this property equal to an object reference to be used for the plotting symbol. A thickness of 0 displays a thin hairline. http://setiweb.org/error-bars/plot-error-bars-idl.php M.

Since the axes are in the middle, decrease the margins so the graphic almost fills the window. X only needs to be provided if the abscissa values are not the same as the index numbers of the plotted points. Use the VERT_COLORS property to specify indices that select colors from the values specified with RGB_TABLE. WINDOW_TITLE Set this property to the title of the IDL Graphic window.

If the values supplied are not of type byte, they are scaled to the byte range using BYTSCL. Note: After creation, you can set the POSITION to either a two or four-element vector. Allowed values are: "None" (the default) "Plus" or "+" "Asterisk" or "*" "Period" or "dot" "Diamond" or "D" "Triangle" or "tu" "Square" or "s" "X" "Greater_than" or ">" "Less_than" or "<" For example, for a plot visualization: p = PLOT(/TEST) ax = p.AXES ax[0].TITLE = 'X axis' ax[1].TITLE = 'Y axis' ax[2].HIDE = 1 ; hide top X axis ax[3].HIDE = 1

Use the scalar value 0 to not draw Y error bars. Landsman Aug 1999 Check limits for logarithmic axes W. RGB_TABLE The number of the predefined IDL color table, or a 3 x 256 or 256 x 3 byte array containing color values to use for vertex colors.