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otherwise !!C !C I A,B : Two real values to be compared !C I Eps : Toleration (Magnitude ~= 1E-5) !C*********************************************************************** Implicit Double Precision (A-H,O-Z) !C*********************************************************************** LEqual =.True. setveclen !C********************************************************************** !C End Of file !C********************************************************************** _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   MYMODEL1.F90  (SUBROUTINE) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Subroutine MyModel1 ( IDTask, iMod, IsUndr, & iStep, iTer, iEl, Int, & X, Y, Z, & Time0, dTime, & Return the name and unit of the different state variables of the different models ! Subroutine Mulvec !C*********************************************************************** Subroutine MatVec(xMat,IM,Vec,N,VecR) !!C*********************************************************************** !C !C Calculate VecR = xMat*Vec !!C !C I xMat : (Square) Matrix (IM,*) !C I Vec : Vector !C I N : Number of click site

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Plaxis 2d Load Advancement Procedure Fails

Z I R : Posición Z del punto de integración ! qf_E) Then f13_hs_fac1 = ((Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3))/(qa-(Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3)))) f13_hs_fac2 = 2d0*(Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3))/Eur f13_hs = (2d0*qa/Ei)*f13_hs_fac1-f13_hs_fac2-gamma_p_E Else f13_hs = 1d0 End If Call WriVal(ideb, 'Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3)', Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3)) Call WriVal(ideb, 'qa', qa) Call WriVal(ideb, 'qa-(Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3))', qa-(Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3))) Call WriVal(ideb, STT = SM*TT ! zy = yz A(3,1) = St(6) !

Return the parameters name and units of the different models ! ! Subroutine GetModelCount( nMod ) ! Integer iMod Character (Len= * ) ModelName Character (Len=255) tName !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLExport, StdCall, reference :: GetModelName Select Case (iMod) Case (1) tName = 'HS' Case Default tName = 'not in Not Enough Load Steps Plaxis T for time unit !

assuming you are working on a quad (4) core computer, and you limit all your phases to only use 2 cores, each phase on itself will do a dual core parallel B) Return If (DAbs(A-B) .LT. 0.5D0*Eps*( DAbs(A) + DAbs(B) + Eps ) )Return LEqual =.False. Extension (estoy en eje S1=S2) End If If (iArea .NE. 1) Then !Returning Map en eje Call HS_TRAC_plast(iArea, Props, Prs_E, Prs, StVar0, StVar, ipl, IsUndr) Call WriVec(ideb, 'Prs TRAS RETURNING MAP http://kb.plaxis.com/tips-and-tricks/plaxis-3d-enabled-multicore Applied on principal stresses, directions !

ipl O I : Indicador de punto plástico ! 1 : Superfície límite de Coulomb (MC_plast) ! 2 : Superficie de tracción (vertice) ! 3 : Punto plástico en CAP (CAP_plast) Plaxis 2d Error Code 103 a(ip,iq)<>0 End Do ! D I/O R(,) : Matriz de rigidez del material ! When there is not enough memory available to use the Pardiso solver, or this element limit has been reached, it will switch to the Picos solver.

Soil Body Seems To Collapse Plaxis

Buy the Full Version You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 270 to 372 are not shown in this preview. https://www.researchgate.net/post/How_do_I_solve_soil_body_collapse_on_Plaxis_2D_model_during_calculation f13_trac_TOL) Then !No sirve Prs anterior !Desendurecimiento HS adoptando StVar0 y se vuelve a aplicar a Prs_E de partida !Cálculo Prs en superficie TRAC (no tienen endurecimiento) iArea = 1 write(1,*) Plaxis 2d Load Advancement Procedure Fails Related articles [Solved] Cannot use a computer with 16 cores or more Plaxis bv | P.O. Stiffness Matrix Is Nearly Singular And Cannot Be Solved Plaxis Buy the Full Version You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 190 to 229 are not shown in this preview.

Subroutine GetStateVarName ( iMod , iVar, Name ) ! http://setiweb.org/error-code/plaxis-error-codes.php when at least one element is not zero !C !C Called by : Subroutine TOBXX !C !C*********************************************************************** !C Implicit Double Precision (A-H,O-Z) Dimension A(*) Is0Arr=.False. Exported: ! Tol ) it=it+1 Do k=1,3 If (k .Eq. 1) Then ip=1 iq=2 Else If (k .Eq.2) Then ip=2 iq=3 Else ip=1 iq=3 End If If (a(ip,iq) .Ne. 0.0) Then ! Plaxis Error Code 101

Return the number of parameters of the different models ! !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLExport, StdCall, reference :: GetParamCount Select Case (iMod) Case ( 1 ) nParam = 14 Case Default nParam = Subroutine CarSig !C********************************************************************** subroutine setveclen(xn,n,xl) !C********************************************************************** Implicit Double Precision (A-H,O-Z) Dimension xN(*) x=0 do i=1,n x=x+xn(i)**2 end do if (x.Ne.0) Then f=xl/sqrt(x) do i=1,3 xn(i)=xn(i)*f end do end if return end f13_hs_TOL) Then If (abs(Prs_E(1)-Prs_E(3)) .LT. navigate to this website Classic (single core iterative).

Prs(2)) Then write(1,*) "ESTOY FUERA DE f13_hs y f_cap, AREA=3" iArea = 3 !Tr. Plaxis 3d Error Code 204 abs_max_s) abs_max_s=abs(a(i,j)) End Do End Do Tol = 1d-20 * abs_max_s If (iOpt.Eq.1) Tol = 1d-50*abs_max_s it=0 itmax = 50 Do While ( it.lt.itmax .And.& abs(a(1,2))+abs(a(2,3))+abs(a(1,3)) .Gt. Return End Logical Function IS0IARR(IARR,N) !C !C*********************************************************************** !C Function : To check whether a integer array contains only zero values. !C Similar to IS0ARR !C !C Input: IARR : array to

Prs(3)) Then write(1,*) "ESTOY FUERA DE f13_mc, AREA=2" iArea = 2 !Tr.

Generated Sat, 22 Oct 2016 18:42:41 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection GetParamCount Subroutine GetParamName( iMod , iParam, ParamName ) ! ! When there is not enough memory available to use the Pardiso solver, or this element limit has been reached, it will switch to the Picos solver in PLAXIS 3D2011.01: The Pardiso Plaxis Manual model not in DLL ParamName = ' N/A ' ; Units = ' N/A ' End Select tName = ParamName LT = Len_Trim(tName) ParamName= Char(lt) // tName(1:Lt) tName = Units LT

abs_max_s) abs_max_s=abs(a(i,j)) End Do End Do Tol = 1d-20 * abs_max_s it = 0 itmax = 50 Do While ( it.Lt.itMax .And. & abs(a(1,2))+abs(a(2,3))+abs(a(1,3)) .Gt. IDTask = 1 If (IDTask .EQ. 2) Then !Cálculo de tensiones Write(1,*) 'IDTask:', IDTask, 'iEl:', iEl, 'Int:', Int, 'iStep:', iStep, 'iTer:', iTer Call WriIvl(ideb, 'IsUndr', IsUndr) !Parámetros y variables de estado GetModelName Subroutine GetParamCount( iMod , nParam ) ! ! http://setiweb.org/error-code/plaxis-error.php If (S .Lt. -1E-10) Write(2,1) X,S 1 Format(' ArcSin(',1x,1p,e13.5e3,') , S =',1x,1p,e13.5e3) If (S.LT.0) S = 0 S = DSQRT(S) ArcSin = DATan2(X,S) Return End !

Call MatTranspose(T,3,TT,3,3,3) Call MZeroR(SM,9) SM(1,1) = S1 SM(2,2) = S2 SM(3,3) = S3 !C !C**** SMnew = T*SM*TT !C Call MatMat(SM ,3, TT,3 , 3,3,3 ,STT,3) Call MatMat( T ,3, STT,3 Case Default Write(1,*) 'invalid model number in UsrMod', iMod Write(1,*) 'IDTask: ',IDTask Stop 'invalid model number in UsrMod' iAbort=1 Return End Select !