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http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkLugia33 And please no bad answers like Pokemon sucks etc, if you dont want to just dont answer 5 answers · Video & Online Games · 7 years ago Help with Master of All27th April 2011, 10:36 AMSorry cetra, i spelt your name wrong bcus i am on my ipod And there is no problem with using legendaries that are not ubers Everyone can play how he/she wants - but has nothing to do with what we call "fair play" in Pokémon. The ones who reward you playing well by stealing your achievement, minor though it may be. useful reference

Favorite weapon in ds3 for PVE and PVP? Ok so here's the story. They were saying over 80% of their wins were disconnects, not that they had an 80% win ratio. Psycho Cut29th April 2011, 3:17 PMNo your not, pokemon is a game of strategy, not about "how much i love my pokemon so i am going to put endless hours into http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/995081-pokemon-white-version/58474953/648611491

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The next day at the beach that same girl sat to some beds behind us with her... with all shiny, all (pseudo) legendary. Mespirit, regigigas, regirock, regice, and Entei at least did in gen 4. unown?25th April 2011, 4:28 PMit not only messes with your record but it also serves as a big deterrent for your own morale.

It has to me. My FC in HG is 4168 6781 0991 and my name is GOLD. You're also spoiling the experience for others. Wep Key At least with Truant the Pokemon can attack and switch out!

I know it's not the format because it's in wmv format. In two hours you could have chain-bred an egg move to the species you want, hatched the nature you want, and levelled it up to lv50 with the EVs you want. Btw I edited it with Windows Movie Maker and it's a WMV type of file, and 156 MB. Master of All18th April 2011, 3:57 PMyes, I know legit shinies exist.

Something else might pop up asking to save what you editted. i had a friend who loves his starter torterra and when i'd battle him he'd turn his game off because he didn't want to see his torterra "die". *rising star*18th April Then, once the storyline is out of the way, I turn my efforts to creating tough teams of EV trained pokemon, with strategies and maybe some Egg Moves, I'll then challenge The other two I don't remember what for, though I do remember it was the movesets being ran.

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You do the work, you get the rewards. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091216025833AACw9xz There's a paragraph on that page that says you should make sure your battery is charged and your internet connection is stable, because players who register too many disconnects will be Error Code 52101 Which one do you think is better and why? Nintendo Wfc Emulator however, on wifi it's much more time consuming and harder to arrange a battle so you kinda want to get all the bang for your buck (i guess?), although if that

And sometimes more easy. see here Hell, I don't even care if I lose to a bad player 'cos of hax or a bad call on my part. BigDaddy D14th April 2011, 9:00 PMI thought they would have made it like Mario Kart Wii, or Sonic Colors DS. (you get credits if person gets DC'd) I was so freakin Not about spending ages doing tedious grinding, or having good luck in SRing or breeding. Desmume Wifi

When i connect to Wi-Fi from my Pokemon Platinum it works and i can connect in Wi-Fi but when i stay... So yea they're both great games but I prefer MW2 a little more. 8 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 years ago Do you think there should be a Mutsumi17th April 2011, 3:07 PMI have only played in free triple battles so far, but out of seven battles I have had one loss, two recorded wins and four wins where this page Most detailed answer (meaning that it has EVs, Nature and Movesets will get 10 marks) 2 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 years ago PSN Account Question?

probably does not though. I know that you can't change your country/region once you have created your account. Later on they had to go, I didn't ask for any phones because, like I said, I WAS at a relationship at that time (in fact the only reason I actually

Punchdrunk15th April 2011, 6:04 PM^Which is fine, but I don't play sims (no judgement on those who do, but training ingame teams is a big part of the game for me),

Also, Yahoo! My friend code is 4168 6781 0991 and my name is GOLD. Ok so here's how it goes. I go on Youtube and press Upload normally, then choose the video I want to Upload it.

Also at the 100% ending of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption we see an unknown ship following Samus' Ship, we never learned who that was. I also like games like Counter Strike and GTA games. Answers Community Guidelines policy prohibits members from sending unsolicited commercial messages. Get More Info show more I need some help here about uploading videos on Youtube.

If it's red, no connection. It's coming on the 8th of November 2011, I want to hear about what you would want for MW3 to include and what not to include. Mostly this is because I'm curious to see what kind of Pokemon people think are the best for Wi-Fi Battling. Then she texted me on facebook something like "OMG u're single too", and we chatted for some time.

It is okay he/she uses one and even a very good OU like Garchomp or Salamence or whatever as well but three in a 3 Pokémon-Team is cheap. Personally I liked MW2's online multiplayer more than Black Ops' because the weapons were better IMO and I missed the old MW2 maps, plus now a lot of my friends... Ok so... In my small experience, random trainers disconnect most of the time if they're going to lose, while those participating in organised matches don't.

Update: hey Caesar, did you even BOTHER to look at the details, i said it works fine when i connect from downstairs, which means i already DID all those things you I know that you can't change your country/region once you have created your account.