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Updated a plugin? See also Why don't PHP attributes allow functions? However, IDEs will already effectively do most of this work for you, as @Panique suggests. Some problems cannot be found just from looking at your code. have a peek at these guys

I got this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in C:\xampp 1\htdocs\wp\wp-content\themes\theme\keid-hosting\functions.php on line 43 and i now cant access my admin via the usual http://localhost/wp/wp-admin/. If you can't isolate the problem source, start to comment out (and thus temporarily remove) blocks of code. Take in mind that using variable variables should be the exception. Reply ZAD says: Nov 27, 2015 at 5:21 am I will check..

Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Php

For runaway strings and misplaced operators this is usually where you find the culprit. Now fix your errors and write pure code. Please help! But even then it wouldn't be advisable.) share|improve this answer edited Jan 23 at 16:06 community wiki 5 revs, 3 users 98%mario add a comment| up vote 7 down vote Unexpected

Therefore it may take looking through a few more pages before you find something relevant. Sadly a small little error can cause the whole site to break which is very scary specially for new users. Reply Kay says: Feb 2, 2016 at 12:30 pm Hi there, I am needing help to fix this error please Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}' in /usr/www/users/ogbuldwqdf/wp-content/themes/theme53993/includes/sidebar-init.php on line 51 Php Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected ' ' Expecting ')' It is possible that your site URLs are changed and have an unexpected ‘/' at the end of the URL.

Thanks Reply Za says: Oct 10, 2014 at 2:55 am If i am using mamp as my wordpress server, but now I am locked out because of the "Parse error: syntax Php Syntax Error Unexpected But any following text literal is then seen as bareword/T_STRING by the parser. In your case the parser is looking for the close } of the while sentence. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Invalid block nesting / Forgotten { You'll sometimes see this parser error when a code block was } closed too early, or you forgot an opening { even: function doStuff() { Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected Wordpress See the mentioned file name and line number. To solve the missing parenthesis error in PHP, the code has to be checked from the beginning to search for it. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Php Syntax Error Unexpected

And if the last line in a function/code block lacks a trailing ; semicolon: function whatever() { doStuff() } ⇧ Here the parser can't tell if you perhaps still wanted to http://jason.pureconcepts.net/2013/05/fixing-php-errors/ Can a nuclear detonation on Moon destroy life on Earth? Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Php Readability prevents irregularities. Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected In Much appreciated!

Responsive designs with tons of options. More about the author The line is missing its required semi-colon line ending. What I can do to solve this problem. Check your email to confirm sign up.'; }else{ return 'Error: ' . $api->errorMessage; } } /* * If being called via ajax, autorun the function */ if($_GET['ajax']){ echo storeAddress(); } ?> Parse Error: Parse Error In Php

Ive tried to replace the functions.php file with an original from download and also i replaced all theme files with originals, still getting the error. Thus the closing } one below became redundant. This isn't necessarily the cause of the syntax mistake however. http://setiweb.org/parse-error/php-parse-error-line-number.php Reply yamini priya says: May 27, 2014 at 8:22 am Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}' in ………./wp-content/themes/laboratory_child/functions.php on line 20 i got the above error message.

If the parser complains about them, then it often means incorrect paring or mismatched ( ) parens around them. Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected T_variable More regularily you need to look at preceding lines as well. Lists Same for syntax lists, like in array populations, where the parser also indicates an expected comma , for example: ⇓ $var = array("1" => $val, $val2, $val3 $val4); Or functions

Another frequent variation is an Unexpected '>' for unquoted literal HTML.

The error will tell you exactly which file and which line you need to edit. Content.... Unmatched subexpressions in an if Most commonly unbalanced ( and ) are the cause if the parser complains about the opening curly { appearing too early. Parse Error: Syntax Error, Unexpected T_string It won't understand what the stray xml was meant for.

Compare your code against syntax examples from the manual. Terry Lamb 3.064 προβολές 1:41 Φόρτωση περισσότερων προτάσεων… Εμφάνιση περισσότερων Φόρτωση... Σε λειτουργία... Γλώσσα: Ελληνικά Τοποθεσία περιεχομένου: Ελλάδα Λειτουργία περιορισμένης πρόσβασης: Ανενεργή Ιστορικό Βοήθεια Φόρτωση... Φόρτωση... Φόρτωση... Σχετικά με Τύπος Πνευματικά I can't access my site anyway. news Gimme some hours ... ;) –Sliq Aug 12 '13 at 21:03 Your answer is already spot on.

WordPress CDN by MaxCDN. The site had a theme and I changed it. The only way to fix this is to access the file you last edited using FTP (How to use FTP). Confusing >= greater-or-equal with => array operator Both operators look somewhat similar, so they sometimes get mixed up: ⇓ if ($var => 5) { ... } You only need to remember

Interviewee offered code samples from current employer -- should I accept? But the version will be seen as another literal/constant. stackoverflow.com/questions/4547516/… –Curtis Blanchette Jan 28 '15 at 18:35 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Not the answer you're looking for?

Partitioning up long code blocks really helps locating the origin of syntax errors. It's important to look into previous code lines as well. And now I cant access my site because I accidentally pasted theme_hooks into theme_function. In fact, this error means that PHP has finished analyzing your code, but you forgot to close a symbol somewhere in your page or in those that were included.

Not the answer you're looking for? Consider making a donation. Absolute value of polynomial Are illegal immigrants more likely to commit crimes? They're used in different contexts, but the syntax issue are quite similar.

The parser complains about the contained single quoted 'string', because it usually expects a literal identifier / key there. There IS no line 20! 1 2 3 4 Your First PHP while loop! 5 6 7

Reply Jaideep Bedi says: Sep 24, 2015 at 1:39 pm I’m stuck in the white screen of death…i did not pasted a code but did a very tiny editing(Appearance->editor) ….it worked PHP cares about LF (0x0A) only. It's pretty much always about a missing } curly brace to close preceding code blocks.