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If this does not help, then it is a hardware problem on the USB port of your Treo. The code for PdaNet won't be accepted by PdaReach. Solution MC75 Make sure that your site name, username, and password are correct. You can refer to customizing PdaNet for more details.

If you have a Jandy AquaPure 700 or 1400 chlorinator, there’s a chance you may have come across a service code (or error code) before.  A service code is a three I got a message on my PC prompting me to pick up the handset and dial #777 and then press ok. To purchase online, visit the purchase page. PdaNet works on all PalmOne/Handspring Treo phones, the PC part requires Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98SE.

Pdanet Error 13

If there is buildup or no apparent issues then proceed to step 2. 2) Clean cell in a mixture 4 parts water and 1 part acid, rinse with fresh water when Make note of the path listed in theLog Folderbox so you can find the log files after they are created. The salt system does require in the range of 15-20 GPM to operate properly.

I have 172 and 180 as well. I am getting error 718 (state=6). It has been raining a lot, so you would think the salinity should be low from diluting. Install Pdanet From Phone To Computer You got this error because some necessary system services have been turned off on your computer after Vista is installed (either by you or by your system administrator) and PdaNet is

Make sure the “Alpha” key is off (Alpha key should not be highlighted orange) Also make sure device is securely on cradle and connected with Activesync/Windows mobile device center. Pdanet Error 2 You can also try to update the driver itself by finding the device under “Device Manager” and clicking on properties. If your databases are on a memory card, please insert it before launching Lexi-Comp Reader. http://pdanet.co/help/usb.php The water then exits out of the port where the terminals are closest to.

Is this forum even active anymore? Pdanet Driver Download Fuzzy logic and I am a bit confused… I am assuming you were only speaking about the generator (Cell) as being the problem not a faulty sensor or something upstream in Note: Windows Media Device Center (WMDC) normally automatically updates the date/time on your device. This should stop message.

Pdanet Error 2

That's why we've put together our error codes list below. http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/blog/jandy-aquapure-troubleshooting-error-codes/ Do you accept Purchase Order? Pdanet Error 13 Technical Support will review the log file and report back to you via email with suggestions for locating the corrupted record. Pdanet Usb Connection Dropped Code 2 Then, if there is a larger issue you should see error codes that will help you troubleshoot the problem.

If you are familiar with registry, you can create the following folder in your registry to fix this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce Or you can simply download and open/run this file on your Windows My screen is black or very faint and/or the F4/Sync key does not work? On the 145 code troubleshooting options, the next step would be to: "Partially drain pool and dilute with fresh water until salinity returns to 3.0 to 3.5 gpl". It could take up to 24 hours if you purchase from one of our partners website. Pdanet Connecting To Your Phone Stuck

Now the screen is in your computer's clipboard. I got dialup error 720 (state=6). This key will turn the screen on and off. Tracy Grissett I am getting an error 47 and cant find a solution.

Before installing PdaNet make sure that you Turn off HotSync on Mac by running HotSync Manager and check "Disable HotSync". Pdanet Keeps Disconnecting OR Check connectivity (cables and/or seating in the cradle itself). I drained 1/4 of my pool (29,000 gal) and did bring down the salt concentration, but it is still "higher" than recommended.

PoolSupplyWorld Hi Wayne, Those two codes are related. 180 - Heated sensor element not heating, which causes 172 - flow sensor service condition.

We believe this is caused by network congestions on the GPRS servers and some service providers cann't handle network traffic very well. I got other dialup error with (state=2). What's wrong? Pdanet Wifi Share The dial up progress stops at "Registering your computer on the network" and shows "Error 734 (state=6)" There could be a few causes for this problem.

So whatever speed you are having is the maximum speed allowed by the device and your service. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian Both codes of 172/186 share the same meaning. The Internet connection established successfully but after a short period of time it disconnects.

If I only purchase one license of PdaNet, can I install it on multiple machines? If you don't have Zone Alarm installed, the most likely cause for this is that your system mistakenly picks up the native modem on your PC when dialing. There is a bug in the Treo Operating System which should have been fixed. Their techs may be able to discover the issue over the phone.

How do I register? Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections -> select "Create a New Connection" from the left, allow the dialog to continue until finished (check "Setup my connection manually" when prompted) and SE Using SOAP will capture more readers than the competition because it provides real-world examples and troubleshooting with complete data conversion information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it does, you can re-install the driver for the native modem and the problem should not repeat. Some users reported that it had been working for them but some failed to make it work. If you could not find the PdaNet+ icon on your phone, please install it using instructions above. (T-mobile or MetroPCS only) USB mode is connected but I still have no Internet