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Php Error Parsing /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed session.bug_compat_42 must be enabled before ; these warnings can be issued by PHP. PHP's default behavior is ; to disable this feature. ; http://php.net/always-populate-raw-post-data ;always_populate_raw_post_data = On ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Paths and Directories ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; UNIX: "/path1:/path2" ;include_path = ".:/usr/share/php" ; ; Windows: "\path1;\path2" You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i"). ; http://php.net/sendmail-path ;sendmail_path = ; Force the addition of the specified parameters to be passed as extra parameters ; to the this content

unserialize_callback_func =   ; When floats & doubles are serialized store serialize_precision significant ; digits after the floating point. It is chiefly a security measure against injecting malicious includes (though there are flaws that some have called unrepairable in the security of this mechanism). If empty, uses the built-in ; MySQL defaults. ; http://php.net/mysqli.default-socket mysqli.default_socket = ; Default host for mysql_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode). ; http://php.net/mysqli.default-host mysqli.default_host = ; Default user for mysql_connect() Offline #8 2012-05-27 22:09:05 clownfish Member Registered: 2006-09-04 Posts: 70 Re: PHP: syntax error, unexpected '&' in /etc/php/php.ini on line 108 Make a backup of /etc/php/php.ini and then empty the file,

This directive makes most sense if used in a per-directory ; or per-virtualhost web server configuration file. If the register_globals directive is enabled, it also determines ; what order variables are populated into the global space. Consider enabling it if executing long requests, which may end up ; being interrupted by the user or a browser timing out. asked 3 years ago viewed 1625 times active 3 years ago Visit Chat Linked 2 How can I debug this PHP Syntax Error message?

Are illegal immigrants more likely to commit crimes? Default is 300 seconds (5 minutes) ;user_ini.cache_ttl = 300 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Language Options ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Enable the PHP scripting language engine under Apache. ; http://php.net/engine engine = On ; This Thanks for your help. You must also specify the file extension being used including ; the dot.

Not the answer you're looking for? are the integers modulo 4 a field? For performance reasons, this feature should be disabled ; on production servers. ; Note: This directive is hardcoded to On for the CLI SAPI ; Default Value: On ; Development Value: https://github.com/fourkitchens/server-playbooks/blob/master/ubuntu-12.04-lamp-dev/templates/etc-php5-apache2-php-ini.j2 This directive is ; *NOT* affected by whether Safe Mode is turned On or Off. ; http://php.net/disable-functions disable_functions = pcntl_alarm,pcntl_fork,pcntl_waitpid,pcntl_wait,pcntl_wifexited,pcntl_wifstopped,pcntl_wifsignaled,pcntl_wexitstatus,pcntl_wtermsig,pcntl_wstopsig,pcntl_signal,pcntl_signal_dispatch,pcntl_get_last_error,pcntl_strerror,pcntl_sigprocmask,pcntl_sigwaitinfo,pcntl_sigtimedwait,pcntl_exec,pcntl_getpriority,pcntl_setpriority,   ; This directive allows you to disable certain classes for

How do you say "you all" in Esperanto? What kind of weapons could squirrels use? PHP's default behavior is ; to disable this feature. ; http://php.net/always-populate-raw-post-data ;always_populate_raw_post_data = On   ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Paths and Directories ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   ; UNIX: "/path1:/path2" ;include_path = ".:/usr/share/php" ; ; So, why don't you edit your /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini?

You've got some other issue that needs to be looked at –Gareth Apr 20 '13 at 11:53 | show 6 more comments 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 3 But because ; this short cut has been a feature for such a long time, it's currently still ; supported for backwards compatibility, but we recommend you don't use them. ; There is a performance penalty paid for the registration of ; these arrays and because ENV is not as commonly used as the others, ENV is ; is not recommended on This directive does not disable this feature, it ; only determines whether PHP will warn you about it or not.

In Safe Mode, ; the user may only alter environment variables whose names begin with the ; prefixes supplied here. news apache2 php share|improve this question asked Oct 12 '13 at 0:19 Michael 558166 4 the 'correct' one is in the apache2 subdirectory –Joren Oct 12 '13 at 0:21 1 Directives ; following the section heading [HOST=www.example.com] only apply to ; PHP files served from www.example.com. E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE), a quoted string ("bar"), or a reference to a ; previously set variable or directive (e.g. ${foo})   ; Expressions in the INI file are limited to bitwise

You will need to do your own garbage ; collection through a shell script, cron entry, or some other method. ; For example, the following script would is the equivalent of Setting this value to 1 ; when the session.gc_divisor value is 100 will give you approximately a 1% chance ; the gc will run on any give request. Using On means oci_close() will not close ; oci_connect() and oci_new_connect() connections. ; http://php.net/oci8.old-oci-close-semantics ;oci8.old_oci_close_semantics = Off [PostgreSQL] ; Allow or prevent persistent links. ; http://php.net/pgsql.allow-persistent pgsql.allow_persistent = On ; Detect have a peek at these guys This allows IIS to define the ; security context that the request runs under.

G,P,C,E & S are ; abbreviations for the following respective super globals: GET, POST, COOKIE, ; ENV and SERVER. In ; runtime, you can define these variables by calling define_syslog_variables(). ; http://php.net/define-syslog-variables define_syslog_variables = Off [mail function] ; For Win32 only. ; http://php.net/smtp SMTP = localhost ; http://php.net/smtp-port smtp_port = Change this to use unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock. /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/defaultserver { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server ipv6only=on; root /var/www/html; index index.php index.html index.htm; server_name server_domain_name_or_IP; location / { try_files $uri $uri/ =404; }

Open the file in your browser as http://localhost/check_php.php, to find the path to the php.ini file your web server is using.

These arrays are extremely ; useful when running scripts from the command line. I have checked, and I am using the right php.ini file. –ACarter Apr 20 '13 at 11:46 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I try to imitate your situation: mssql.max_persistent = -1 ; Maximum number of links (persistent+non persistent). -1 means no limit. Registered Linux User #392717 :: Blog thingy Offline #5 2012-05-23 13:02:52 diederick76 Member From: Amsterdam Registered: 2010-02-14 Posts: 65 Website Re: PHP: syntax error, unexpected '&' in /etc/php/php.ini on line 108

Jedenfalls läuft hierdurch PEAR einwandfrei. When trace_mode is active (=On), warnings for table/index scans and ; SQL-Errors will be displayed. ; http://php.net/mysql.trace-mode mysql.trace_mode = Off [MySQLi] ; Maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit. It's been ; recommended for several years that you not use the short tag "short cut" and ; instead to use the full tag combination. http://setiweb.org/php-error/php-error-parsing-browscap-ini.php serialize_precision = 17   ; This directive allows you to enable and disable warnings which PHP will issue ; if you pass a value by reference at function call time.

Using -1 means idle ; persistent connections will be maintained forever. ; http://php.net/oci8.persistent-timeout ;oci8.persistent_timeout = -1 ; Connection: The number of seconds that must pass before issuing a ; ping during PHP's default behavior is to leave these settings empty. ; Note: Never use this feature for production boxes. ; http://php.net/docref-root ; Examples ;docref_root = "/phpmanual/" ; http://php.net/docref-ext ;docref_ext = .html ; From here, you may want to check out Erika Heidi's Getting Ready for PHP 7 blog post, and look over the official migration guide. We strongly recommend you use the escaping mechanisms ; designed specifically for the database your using instead of relying on this ; feature.

You can still get access to ; the environment variables through getenv() should you need to. ; Default Value: "EGPCS" ; Development Value: "GPCS" ; Production Value: "GPCS"; ; http://php.net/variables-order variables_order Now that you found it, you probably will see a semicolon ; at the beginning. Browse other questions tagged apache2 php or ask your own question. For help making this question more broadly applicable, visit the help center.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question. 5

The web server's directory (for SAPI modules), or directory of PHP (otherwise in Windows) ; 6. Possible values are 0,1,2,4 or combination of them. ; For example, 7 for overload everything. ; 0: No overload ; 1: Overload mail() function ; 2: Overload str*() functions ; 4: If, instead, you are running Nginx and PHP-FPM, skip ahead to the next section. Add PEAR's php_dir after it. (The directory System.php is located in!) The result should look like that: ; Unix include_path=".:/usr/local/php/pear/" or ; Windows include_path=".;C:\php\pear\" Installation of a local PEAR copy on

The file will display lots of useful details about our PHP installation, such as the used php.ini file. Sockets map to a path on the filesystem, and our PHP 7 installation uses a new path by default: PHP 5 PHP 7 /var/run/php5-fpm.sock /var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock Open the default site configuration file A number of predefined registry keys on Windows (As of PHP 5.2.0) ; 4. First, check where PEAR installs .php files: $pearconfig-getphp_dir/usr/share/lib/php/ This directory will contain System.php.