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Pkgadd Error Duplicate Pathname

Solution Use the -javahome JDK location. 5017630 When upgrading on Windows, an error is displayed and the upgrade fails if SNMP is running. The BMP client will get EJBException "Null primary key returned from ejbFind method" for a single object finder, and (possibly) a NullPointerException for a multi object finder. You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information. If you have a personal firewall installed, you might experience this problem. http://setiweb.org/pkgadd-error/pkgadd-error.php

CORE5071: An error occured during initialization On the Linux platform, the following error appears: cp: cannot stat \Q/etc/opt/imq/passwd’: No such file or directorycp: cannot stat \Q/etc/opt/imq/accesscontrol.properties’: No such file or directoryError As a result so many required files are absent in the zone and zone fails to boot. If you already upgraded using upgrade installer: For package-based installations on the Solaris Sparc and x86 platforms: At the command prompt, remove the Message Queue instances by typing rm -rf /var/imq/instances. Click Start. https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000007814

The resulting output file is broken. However, to stop the Application Server instance completely (along with the companion watchdog process), use one of the following methods: Administration interface—Start->Programs->Sun Java System Application Server 7->Stop Application Server Command-line interface—asadmin Done!

The test failures occur when an EJB JAR file uses an enterprise bean with a reference to another enterprise bean that is packaged in a separate EJB JAR file within the The local firewall might also inadvertently generate alerts saying that either the “Portal of Doom Trojan” attack (for example, TCP connection attempts on port 3700) or similar attacks have occurred when, You have now mounted the CD-ROM drive. But the patches doesn't hold good for systems which are already affected I can give you a script(attached) that can correct the corrupted pkgmaps in the system that is already affected.

Do I just backup global zones and > ignore none > > global zones ? > > Yes, if all of the data in the non-global zones are > visible in Is there anywhere I can find documentation/recommendation of backing up Solaris 10 with global zones and non global zones please. Zone is initialized. http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.os.solaris.opensolaris.zones/744 Once you complete the upgrade, restore the backed-up copy of the file. 6283084 The text in the Application Server 7.0, Update 7, Software License Agreement shows Update 6 instead of Update

Submit a False Positive Report a suspected erroneous detection (false positive). For example install_vp for VCS 4.1MP2 patch. Solution If users other than the person who installed the product need to execute these scripts, change the permissions to 0755. 4762694 On Solaris, the Sun Java System Message Queue package The file is found at: app_server_instance_dir/config/server.xml.

Add /usr/lib/mps/secv1 to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. http://zones-discuss.opensolaris.narkive.com/xxbZk7aa/unable-to-boot-a-zone-after-zoneadm-z-netd08-install Since Oracle is not installed in the global zone, we must run the databse backup in the non-global zone. Solution When capturing a schema from the Oracle database, always use the -schemaname option with the user name in uppercase letters as the value: bin/capture-schema -dburl jdbc:oracle:thin:@oraserver:1521:ora -username scott -password tiger Preparing to initialize <1058> packages on the zone.

If an application is deployed only for second virtual server, it cannot be reached because combination host:port leads to the first virtual server. get redirected here The default is false. This is a known database driver issue. If the installer finds a problem with a given installation directory, the generic error message Invalid Installation Directory is reported.This error message covers the following situations: Selected directory is not writable.

The parser of the EJB deployment descriptor, ejb-jar.xml, does not correctly handle self-referencing container-managed relationships (CMRs), that is, ejb-relationship-role. Not present in the System" echo "$PKGNAME: Removing the file $name. Solution Log in as user with administrator privileges when performing installation. 4757687 On Solaris, incremental installation of the Sun Java System Application Server component on the system with previously installed Administration http://setiweb.org/pkgadd-error/pkgadd-error-2.php To work around this, either install the version of rpm on your system or uninstall Message Queue before installing the application server.

Starting a specific domain. However, I can see this going to be a problem where any devices that is not mounted on global zones but mounted on non-global zones. Using this option exposes a limitation where the path of the specified alternate Java runtime must not contain spaces.

For the connector-related failures, place the JAR file containing the required classes into the class path for the verifier.

The procedure for setting this attribute is described in the “Using the JMS Service” chapter of the Sun Java System Application Server Administrator’s Guide. Do I just backup global zones and ignore none global zones ? If user tries to install the Sun Java System Application Server component on the system where a standalone Administration Client component has already been installed, and selects a different installation directory So we used updatemanager to backout 118833-xx patchesbut it only went to 118833-18 so we went back to 118833-23 and thendid an installation of 118833-24 and still we can't create zones./zones/netd08/root/var/sadm/system/logs/install_log----snip----pkgadd:

The Sun Java System Application Server install directory can contain only the following characters: alphanumerics, - (dash) or _ (underscore). Use pkgrm to remove the following packages: SUNWiqdoc, SUNWiqfs, SUNWiqjx, SUNWiqr, SUNWiqu, SUNWiquc, SUNWiqum, and SUNWiqlpl Use pkgadd to reinstall the correct versions of the packages you removed in the previous This is caused by having an existing JAVA_HOME in your environment. my review here Container-managed persistence (CMP) code-gen does not use the fully qualified name for the JDO Query variable in concreteImpl.

This issue affects the development and operations installer on all platforms. The NBU client is hard coded to look for it's config file at /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf ... running the script with out any option would scan all the packages in the System and correct those corrupted pkgmaps. This is too slow, and can take about 20 minutes, but is the best option when the Customer doesn't know which all packages are corrupted.

Solution Add the Oracle driver files to the classpath-suffix attribute of the server.xml file. 4734963 Self-referencing CMRs cause problem during deployment. Then install the NBU client like usual in the global zone and all non-global zones where needed. But would like some expert advice. No changes were made to the system.

Solution Import the Sun Java System Application Server certificate into each client that is to use SSL to access the Admin Server, and indicate that servers with such a certificate are fix_pkgmap on command line will give you all the options Basically the options are: -v : verbose -f filename: where the file should have list of packages which needs to be